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2015-02-07 -- I intend to start writing essays and publish them at absopt.wordpress.com

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Remove delay in SSH login
UseDNS no                     # Add to /etc/ssh/sshd_config
options single-request-reopen # Add to /etc/resolv.conf
Remove watermarks (e.g. DRAFT) in PDF files
pdftk draft.pdf output uncompressed.pdf uncompress
less uncompressed.pdf          # check general structure
grep -a DRAFT uncompressed.pdf # check specific lines
cat uncompressed.pdf | sed 's/DRAFT//g' > without-draft.pdf
pdfjam examples
pdfjam ch1.pdf --landscape --nup 2x1 --a4paper --outfile ch1-2x1.pdf
pdf2ps ch1-2x1.pdf ch1-2x1.ps
pdfjam all.pdf --trim '2cm 3cm 2.5cm 1.5cm' --clip true --outfile /dev/stdout |\
  pdfjam --frame true --nup '2x2' --a4paper --outfile all-2x2-trim.pdf
LaTeX and Chinese support
sudo apt-get install texlive-full latex-cjk-all